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I love being a #RichGirl

MWK is an entertaining and thought-provoking podcast that takes a look at personal finance topics that are particularly relevant to those starting their personal finance journey but also serve as a good reminder and constant reinforcement for those who are more are more experienced. Katie provides thoughtful insight into personal finance matters in a way that is incredibly relatable and adapted for the modern world. Katie provides time-tested and sound advice (and often backs it up with real life and personal examples from her own experience) but also speaks on topics and shares her experiences as she is going through them herself in real time. Her coverage of healthcare topics is particularly spot on for me—I can’t count the number of times that I’ve asked myself the exact questions that she covers in her episodes and on her blog. Katie has obviously pours ton of time and thought into her content, yet still finds the time and energy to engage with her listeners and is able to put out new high-quality content directly related to what her listeners want to hear with almost zero turnaround time. Katie celebrates her listeners’ successes and commiserates with their struggles, and is quick with her ability to get to the bottom of the struggles and provide advice for others going through the same thing. As a relatively young guy who has thought a lot about personal finance over the past several years, I love being a #RichGirl.

Funny, thought provoking hot takes

Katie is skilled at communicating complicated topics in a digestible, entertaining way. She often frames finance or money psychology topics in a way I haven’t thought of before and I look forward to every Wednesday to get a dose of her deep dives! If you have #RichGirlEnergy, MWK is a show you definitely need in your rotation!

Great podcast! Very relatable and informational

Thank you, Katie! I’ve been bingeing her content for the past week or so. I’m 27 and I’m just starting my personal finance journey - I love the way her show breaks things down. She makes me feel like I can still get my #%*$ together!

Too good

Katie is truly the best. I’ve been following her blog from the beginning and felt like I’d found such a hidden gem. Katie is the reason I know anything about finance — can confidently say I’m leaps & bounds better off financially through her content & resources (the humor is such a bonus). Love Katie!

So great

I really enjoy listening to Katie’s podcast. She has great instincts and is so great at breaking things down. Love her show!!!

Amazing finance show

Money with katie is a perfect combo she gives real world examples from her own life in addition to bringing on guests to supplement her knowledge. You can also feel her passion for personal finance and wellbeing in the show.

Financial planner approved ✅

I’ve been a financial planner for 10 years and have followed Money With Katie since the early days. She is highly skilled at breaking down complex concepts and strategies into actionable, bite-sized pieces (and she’s ridiculously entertaining along the way).

Thanks Katie!

Recovering D*v* R*ms*y kid, also 26, like amazing miss Katie. Freaking love learning from someone who doesn’t talk down to me or pretend there is only ONE right way to do finance. It’s “easy” listening and doesn’t make me feel stressed or insecure. Glad I found you through Instagram’s “Things I Bought and Liked.”

Great Info Here!!

All millennials (men and women alike) can find super helpful info presented in an entertaining and informative manner. Take a step towards creating a strong financial future and listen weekly!!

Only listened to one episode and I’m HOOKED

took 3 pages of notes on traveling for free episode 1 and moving on to episode 2


Katie is empowering women with brilliant tactical steps and delightful commentary when discussing how to own your money and make it work for you!!! ✨

So good !



My first review of a podcast ever because MWK deserves it. Her Instagram is great and her podcast is too. She gives valuable information in a way that is easy to understand and also enjoyable to listen to!

You need MWK in your life!

If you into personal finance or not Katie has amazing, wellResearched, and solid advice on life as an adult in general. Her perspectives are honest, witty, and at times humorous just to keep it interesting! Subscribe now and become a #richgirl or #richguy

#RichGirl for life

I thank my lucky stars I found the MWK Instagram and now the podcast is just as much of a treat. It’s like financial advice from a best friend (that you should actually take).

This podcast is ~transformative~

I love MWK on Insta and was SO stoked when she came out with a podcast. I always look forward to Wednesday’s when the next episode airs. So far, episode 10 is my fav. It was so helpful for me to think about how my budget and spending aligns with my personal goals and values. I ❤️ you MWK.

Happy to be a #richgirl

I love seeing all of the hype here and in the Instagram and I am sooooo for it. Keep it up!

great podcast and blog

Katie is amazing! She does such a good job breaking down personal finance concepts and best practices in a digestible way. The tangible advice, candor and humor she brings to this topic has been incredibly valuable for me.

Renting vs buying

Thank you for taking the time and running actual numbers on homeownership return. Many people assume owning a home makes financial sense, a minority (myself included) realize that it is a complex issue but haven’t went deep into why, and then there is you! Thank you for bringing this to light in such a clear and easy to understand way. Definitely running the numbers now.

Big Fan, Please Never Stop

I audibly sighed when I realized I had reached the end of MWK’s released podcasts. I thought her Instagram was great, then I thought her Blog was amazing, but this Podcast is superb.

Clear, Specific, Funny, and Smart

Katie’s vibrant energy is super engaging! She unpacks complex concepts in a way that not only saves you tons of research time, but can get you laughing along the way. Awesome podcast!

Money With Wit, Humor and Humility

I discovered MWK on Instagram a few months back but wish it was WAY sooner! She is a wealth of knowledge and does an excellent job of making money concepts easy to understand (also note the Wit & Humor) which makes it learning about $ actually enjoyable! I most appreciate her humility when it comes to spending guilt and confetti cakes for 1. She’s the ideal FI balance act. Now, to applying her knowledge to yourself w/o gettin too overwhelmed!

Straightforward and brilliant

MWK is the best podcast and Instagram out there for people who want to do more with their finances and achieve financial confidence. If you already have hundreds of thousands saved for retirement or not a penny (yet), she’s the one you want to follow. Some great proprietary tools you can purchase and for free, she makes the hairiest topics understandable.

MWK >>

Katie is amazing for many reasons but I love her for her ability to explain the world of finances to a younger audience that has no clue what’s happening… I started my first job this past year and used her Masterclass, blogs, & Instagram posts to help shake my budget & money decisions!!!

Money with Katie is where it’s at

I have been following Katie on Instagram and bookmarking her articles after hearing about her through a Morning Brew email. Every time she creates new content or takes a deep dive on FIRE or tax topics, it is always passionate, thorough, and easy to digest. I have learned so much and love that I get to continue to learn through new mediums like this podcast. Three episodes in and I swear I’ve already read this stuff on her site, but I picked up more hot tips yet again. Kudos to you, Katie! 💸

Katie Does Her Research!

I’m in my 30s and regretfully not retired yet, but I still get so much out of Katie’s blog, and now podcast! She’s inspired me to make FI a goal and retire early. She also does so much research on retirement account taxes and travel credit cards that makes it all seem simpler! Love her stuff.

Nothing Better Than This

Katie is the greatest. Her advice is relatable, informative, and somehow eloquent and hilarious at the same time. What I love about her content is she’s a ~normal person~ like the rest of us and can break complex topics down into digestible blogs and 20 minute podcast episodes. Perfect place to start for anyone looking to wrap their head around personal finance (which everyone should!!!!)

You won’t regret listening to this podcast!

Katie is full of info that is practical, useful and explained in a way anyone can understand. She breaks it down into easy to understand language (with the math) and also delivers it with a dose of humor. I heard about the podcast from her IG page, which is another great source of information and humor/entertainment. Excellent!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katie is the best!!!

I’ve been reading Katie’s blog and laughing through her hilarious and ever so helpful IG content since the beginning. She is so smart, down to challenge herself, and everything she puts out leaves me in a better place than I was before. Episode one was awesome!! I can’t wait for Katie’s new medium to thrive! This pod is already a must listen. Keep it up Katie!!

Finally Long in-depth rants

Finally MWK can rant on and on in a long form podcast instead of 8 second stories on Instagram. Being serious for a moment, I have been following Money With Katie on Instagram since May of 2020! Just love following her journey to becoming a millionaire. Her journey has helped me budget, save, hack my way to free vacations and mostly encouraged me to invest in my future! Love learning through her! Subscribe, sign up and follow her! It’s free advise your mother never told you!! 🥰🥰