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The best friend you never knew you needed

Just listening to this podcast is going to save you tons of money in paying taxes! That in and of itself is GOLD! Smart girl with raw advice on how to make money work for you! So glad I found this podcast!


This chick is funny, intelligent, and insightful. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone and anyone!

Truly amazing advice and info !!!

Love this show- Katie does such a great job talking through like everything about money. Wish I could take a class from her or something...

Lady boss helping others!!

I’ve been following Katie’s posts and blog since finding out about them. I started as big time cycle fan and bonus…she helps with money stuff…so cool! This podcast is one of my favorites because she touches on all of the topics I need and want to learn about, but all tend to be the tougher convos. Because she speaks as a real person living a similar path and is open/transparent, I’m able to take and apply items that have made a big difference in “adulting.” Thank you katie! Ps- the Dallas cycle world misses you!

Thanks Katie!

This show does refreshing deep dives on many important topics. I binged most episodes with the first few days of finding this show and I am here to stay! Thanks Katie!

Katie is amazing

Love her content and her attitude!

Brilliantly executed podcast

Great listen, very well produced!

Thank you

Your podcast is fantastic. You present yourself in the most honest and real way. It is so refreshing. Please keep going you’re helping a lot of people!!

10/10 Recommend

New loyal follower here and I’ve started implementing everything she has suggested over the last month. I already am so much more aware of spending, investing, and travel-hacking. Highly recommend so we can all be #RichGirls.

Learning TONS

I read Katie’s blog and Instagram but I’m finding her podcast to be the most helpful yet! Her 2 eps on travel hacking made it feel realistic to me as a busy professional for the first time ever. Katie’s approach is super useful - thank you!

Relatable and understandable!

Katie breaks it down and makes me feel like I can actually learn this! I’m hooked!

Absolute GEM

Where was Katie when I was 25 and entering the workforce?! Um probably 18 or so lol but I’m so happy I found this gem even at 33, because I have learned so much that you NEED to know as an adult, but no one will teach you this in school (unless you’re in finance). So while I definitely can’t retire right now, thank you Katie for making that an option for me in the future because I have actually opened up a betterment account since my first listen, and just enjoy you and your “vocal fry” (that I actually love so much haha)

Relatable & Educational

Katie masterfully breaks down personal finance topics in a way that non-financially minded people can easily understand, while working through the complexities of the systems we exist within in real time. She’s relatable but also very knowledgeable and truly invested in making the world of personal finance more accessible for the everyday person!

Excellent show

I’ve always avoided money content, mostly because it was just too much to untangle and I always felt like I was being spoken down to. Katie does an excellent job of putting all information on a base level and providing solutions and options for all. Highly recommend


I was referred to her show after being a big Dave Ramsey fan and have loved her approach! She is much more relatable for women like me, just turned 30, no dependents, paid off debt and doesn't know where to put her money. She breaks down all the math and finance lingo so it's easy to understand and I've enjoyed deep diving into alll her tricks of the trade. She's doin big things for women to stand on their own feet!

Empowered Advice

Katie does an incredible job of breaking down concepts that are meant to confuse us, and makes you feel empowered to take action on them. My finance journey would be nothing without her.

I love being a #RichGirl

MWK is an entertaining and thought-provoking podcast that takes a look at personal finance topics that are particularly relevant to those starting their personal finance journey but also serve as a good reminder and constant reinforcement for those who are more are more experienced. Katie provides thoughtful insight into personal finance matters in a way that is incredibly relatable and adapted for the modern world. Katie provides time-tested and sound advice (and often backs it up with real life and personal examples from her own experience) but also speaks on topics and shares her experiences as she is going through them herself in real time. Her coverage of healthcare topics is particularly spot on for me—I can’t count the number of times that I’ve asked myself the exact questions that she covers in her episodes and on her blog. Katie has obviously pours ton of time and thought into her content, yet still finds the time and energy to engage with her listeners and is able to put out new high-quality content directly related to what her listeners want to hear with almost zero turnaround time. Katie celebrates her listeners’ successes and commiserates with their struggles, and is quick with her ability to get to the bottom of the struggles and provide advice for others going through the same thing. As a relatively young guy who has thought a lot about personal finance over the past several years, I love being a #RichGirl.

Funny, thought provoking hot takes

Katie is skilled at communicating complicated topics in a digestible, entertaining way. She often frames finance or money psychology topics in a way I haven’t thought of before and I look forward to every Wednesday to get a dose of her deep dives! If you have #RichGirlEnergy, MWK is a show you definitely need in your rotation!

Great podcast! Very relatable and informational

Thank you, Katie! I’ve been bingeing her content for the past week or so. I’m 27 and I’m just starting my personal finance journey - I love the way her show breaks things down. She makes me feel like I can still get my #%*$ together!

Too good

Katie is truly the best. I’ve been following her blog from the beginning and felt like I’d found such a hidden gem. Katie is the reason I know anything about finance — can confidently say I’m leaps & bounds better off financially through her content & resources (the humor is such a bonus). Love Katie!

So great

I really enjoy listening to Katie’s podcast. She has great instincts and is so great at breaking things down. Love her show!!!

Amazing finance show

Money with katie is a perfect combo she gives real world examples from her own life in addition to bringing on guests to supplement her knowledge. You can also feel her passion for personal finance and wellbeing in the show.

Financial planner approved ✅

I’ve been a financial planner for 10 years and have followed Money With Katie since the early days. She is highly skilled at breaking down complex concepts and strategies into actionable, bite-sized pieces (and she’s ridiculously entertaining along the way).

Thanks Katie!

Recovering D*v* R*ms*y kid, also 26, like amazing miss Katie. Freaking love learning from someone who doesn’t talk down to me or pretend there is only ONE right way to do finance. It’s “easy” listening and doesn’t make me feel stressed or insecure. Glad I found you through Instagram’s “Things I Bought and Liked.”

Great Info Here!!

All millennials (men and women alike) can find super helpful info presented in an entertaining and informative manner. Take a step towards creating a strong financial future and listen weekly!!

Only listened to one episode and I’m HOOKED

took 3 pages of notes on traveling for free episode 1 and moving on to episode 2


Katie is empowering women with brilliant tactical steps and delightful commentary when discussing how to own your money and make it work for you!!! ✨

So good !



My first review of a podcast ever because MWK deserves it. Her Instagram is great and her podcast is too. She gives valuable information in a way that is easy to understand and also enjoyable to listen to!

You need MWK in your life!

If you into personal finance or not Katie has amazing, wellResearched, and solid advice on life as an adult in general. Her perspectives are honest, witty, and at times humorous just to keep it interesting! Subscribe now and become a #richgirl or #richguy