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Money with Katie is where it’s at

I have been following Katie on Instagram and bookmarking her articles after hearing about her through a Morning Brew email. Every time she creates new content or takes a deep dive on FIRE or tax topics, it is always passionate, thorough, and easy to digest. I have learned so much and love that I get to continue to learn through new mediums like this podcast. Three episodes in and I swear I’ve already read this stuff on her site, but I picked up more hot tips yet again. Kudos to you, Katie! 💸

Katie Does Her Research!

I’m in my 30s and regretfully not retired yet, but I still get so much out of Katie’s blog, and now podcast! She’s inspired me to make FI a goal and retire early. She also does so much research on retirement account taxes and travel credit cards that makes it all seem simpler! Love her stuff.

Nothing Better Than This

Katie is the greatest. Her advice is relatable, informative, and somehow eloquent and hilarious at the same time. What I love about her content is she’s a ~normal person~ like the rest of us and can break complex topics down into digestible blogs and 20 minute podcast episodes. Perfect place to start for anyone looking to wrap their head around personal finance (which everyone should!!!!)

You won’t regret listening to this podcast!

Katie is full of info that is practical, useful and explained in a way anyone can understand. She breaks it down into easy to understand language (with the math) and also delivers it with a dose of humor. I heard about the podcast from her IG page, which is another great source of information and humor/entertainment. Excellent!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katie is the best!!!

I’ve been reading Katie’s blog and laughing through her hilarious and ever so helpful IG content since the beginning. She is so smart, down to challenge herself, and everything she puts out leaves me in a better place than I was before. Episode one was awesome!! I can’t wait for Katie’s new medium to thrive! This pod is already a must listen. Keep it up Katie!!

Finally Long in-depth rants

Finally MWK can rant on and on in a long form podcast instead of 8 second stories on Instagram. Being serious for a moment, I have been following Money With Katie on Instagram since May of 2020! Just love following her journey to becoming a millionaire. Her journey has helped me budget, save, hack my way to free vacations and mostly encouraged me to invest in my future! Love learning through her! Subscribe, sign up and follow her! It’s free advise your mother never told you!! 🥰🥰


I love that Katie has started a podcast! I love her content on her Instagram and blog and have learned so much. Can’t wait to hear more episodes!!!

Smart + Practical

MWK is one of my favorite ig accounts & her podcast is just the next amazing launch in addition to her wealth planner, budgets, blogs + second to none sense of humor.


Literally! I’m so glad Katie decided to go ahead with the podcast because she is so knowledgeable and just hits you with the facts with a bit of sass. We all want to ball on a budget and she is the girl to guide you on that path.

Great, relevant personal finance

I’ve been following Katie’s blog since before she rebranded into @moneywithkatie and have really appreciated the great content and articles she has consistently published. Katie makes personal finance interesting and palatable for those who may not have an extensive background in the technical aspects (see Chick-fil-a example in a recent article) but her advice/logic/reason is sound. I have an undergrad in accounting, a masters in finance, and am a CPA, but I’m constantly learning new things because she takes the time to dig into the tax code, etc. to learn new strategies and share them with us. Give this podcast a listen and go to her website—you may learn something new! Highly recommend.


On brand. 👏🏽

Ready for this!!!!!

F@&$ yes, I am stoked about this.

Kathleen is the best money guru!

Katie does such a phenomenal job at producing content that’s easy to digest for the masses. She digs down into the math when it’s necessary but can also explain complicated terms/strategies to anyone. Can’t wait for more episodes of the podcast!

Goldmine of info🙌🏼

I followed Katie over from her Instagram and blog—she produces such excellent content on those platforms, I’m thrilled she expanded into a podcast.