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Katie is amazing!

I learn soooo much from Katie and these episodes. I really appreciate them as someone who is not super financially literate. I come out of each episode feeling smarter and more equipped to face the world.


I am newbie to the personal financing world and when I say this podcast is everything!!!! I am truly mind blown. I have learned so much so far and have been truly thinking about my personal finances in a whole different light. I am starting to take the necessary steps to change my life and I’m thankful for her content and her discussions on these topic. Please continue to bless us with your intelligence and funny personality. Thank you Katie

Fantastic resource for actionable and relevant career advice

The host is easy to listen to, funny, provides up-to-date and tactical advice and sufficient resources. The Negotiating Tactics episode provides the most helpful advice I’ve been able to find and exactly what to say.

On fast forward

Whoa- slow down on the audio speed. Sounds like trying to get 1000 words per second until you get to the interview part where that sounds normal/natural

Good energy

Like the host. Good energy and easy to listen to

Favorite Financial Podcast!

Katie is brilliant! Finally, a money podcast that breaks personal finance down in an easily digestible format while also being entertaining. This podcast keeps me focused on my financial goals and has really helped me and my family prioritize how we’re managing our money. Love you Katie!!!


Whoa- slow down on the audio speed. Sounds like trying to get 1000 words per second until you get to the interview part where that sounds normal/natural Good content

Great podcast

Katie is my kind of girl! I love spreadsheets. Love to save money and look for financial opportunities! Just started listening but totally going back to listen to previous episodes!

Highly recommend

Amazing source of information and a great array of guests!!

Great Finance and Life Podcast

I’ve recently found Money with Katie’s content and I’ve become a huge fan. I particularly enjoy her podcast! It’s so nice to have a woman’s voice in this space and there’s something about the way Katie delivers her message that really motivates me. I love that she was so transparent about her own journey in building her business. Her episodes have inspired me to focus on starting my on business. I have to say, I’m weirdly a fan of the production as well. I’ve listened to some old episodes and while the content has stayed great, the quality of the production has gone up. Some of us enjoy the silly gimmicks and I do find myself lol-ing when the other characters pop in. Keeps a single person podcast fresh! I listen to a lot of podcasts and it’s nice to see someone having fun with a subject that can be a bit stuffy. I’m enjoying seeing how Katie is growing on this journey and I look forward to more episodes.

Love this podcast and hope the new sound effect stuff goes away again soon!

Love this podcast & Katie so much, and so excited for her re: her new partnership with Morning Brew! BUT: the new sound effect gimmicks the last few episodes are super distracting and way too much. I’m really happy she has the support and production value now, but I’ve been skipping those pieces the last few episodes and I really think they detract from what has been and still is otherwise a really great podcast, and one of the few I am always excited to listen to. We don’t need a fake time travel schtick or a silly ASMR meditation bit, just Katie ❤️

Love this podcast!

Glad I found this podcast. I really enjoy the topics covered and Katie’s coverage!

I love this Show

I just got into listening to podcast as I like to listen to things while I work but can’t always play YouTube videos in the office. I just got my first job in marketing for a financial company with very little prior experience so this is definitely helping me with helping them grow their following!

Katie is the 🐐

Katie and her wide variety of knowledgeable guests are finally making financial management a fascinating task rather than a finicky chore! The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which it’s delivered, had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show, Katie - keep up the great work!

Can’t stop listening!!

I LOVE this show. Starting from episode #1 and honestly love solo Katie riffing even more than her more polished stuff now. 😊 Either way, it is extremely useful content that I am putting into practice every day. Best of all, it’s incredibly authentic and I feel like Katie is the BFF I’ve always wanted. 😂

The best!!

Love the actionable, sassy, and nuanced delivery of every episode! Thank you Katie - you rock!!

Totally relatable financial education

Love this podcast! Katie breaks down financial concepts in an enjoyable way and I am learning a lot! Thanks for putting on a great show!

Elder Millenial Fan

I’m a little older than what your (perhaps) target audience is and I LOVE this podcast. I’ve found the information to be so accessible and helpful. After a few rough years that were more get by than plan, I’m so much more motivated to get on a planned path because of Katie. And here’s the biggest compliment of all: I recently played a few episodes for my husband and he nothing but good things to say (he is HARD to please!). Very well done - Thank you!

Not a Milleanial

I am Gen X but definitely identify with the millennial generation in a lot of ways. It was fun coming across this podcast and I have learned a lot. I also purchased one of the spreadsheets which has made me much more confident in my financial future. I look forward to all I will learn from Katie!

Love the career episode!

Lauren and Katie did a great job describing dream jobs and helped me feel less alone about why I feel unhappy in my career. Definitely going to proactively pursue the good enough job now!

Spending guilt

Katie is the best at taking complex financial ideas and breaking them down into real life scenarios that are easy to understand. She is so relatable, articulate & often just plain hilarious. Her Morning Brew articles are so worthwhile too. So glad I happened upon Katie!

Great Info.

Started listening to this podcast cause I had it marketed to me via Instagram. So, glad I did. Thanks Katie for marketing yourself on Instagram cause the amount of value I have received is awesome! I’ve learned and am learning so much. Appreciate the value!

Great podcast!

Down to earth financial podcast that seems directed to me age range (42). Discussing financial topics in a thoughtful, interesting and knowledgeable manner.

Great podcast

Katie is my kind of girl! I love spreadsheets. Love to save money and look for financial opportunities! Just started listening but totally going back to listen to previous episodes!

Best Financial Find

Listening to Katie is like having a conversation with a friend who will break everything down and explain it in a language that you understand.


I came across your podcast and to be honest easy to understand

Lots of thoughtful points

I’ve gone back and listened to every podcast episode. Best if you start listening in your 20s, but still relevant for older folks.

Vincent Cino

I love Katie! Her podcast is a must for anyone who has the slightest interest in making sound financial decisions. She is entertaining and makes rather complex issues we all face easily understandable. Young people should subscribe because the financial decisions they make now will have a lasting impact.

This podcast makes personal finance accessible!

It’s very hard to distill the many complicated aspects of personal finance into easy to understand, actionable advice. Katie does it really well in this podcast. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to improve their personal financial condition.

We love Money with Katie

My husband and I have been following Katie for a while now and we really enjoy her content. From her podcast, to her blog and stories, she produces fresh, different material that is interesting. Many of the financial wellness content out there is surface level and beginner material, Money with Katie’s content isn’t like that at all. Her personality makes these topics fun and interesting and she is always willing to learn something new. Keep up the good work Katie!