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Can’t stop listening!!

I LOVE this show. Starting from episode #1 and honestly love solo Katie riffing even more than her more polished stuff now. 😊 Either way, it is extremely useful content that I am putting into practice every day. Best of all, it’s incredibly authentic and I feel like Katie is the BFF I’ve always wanted. 😂

The best!!

Love the actionable, sassy, and nuanced delivery of every episode! Thank you Katie - you rock!!

Totally relatable financial education

Love this podcast! Katie breaks down financial concepts in an enjoyable way and I am learning a lot! Thanks for putting on a great show!

Elder Millenial Fan

I’m a little older than what your (perhaps) target audience is and I LOVE this podcast. I’ve found the information to be so accessible and helpful. After a few rough years that were more get by than plan, I’m so much more motivated to get on a planned path because of Katie. And here’s the biggest compliment of all: I recently played a few episodes for my husband and he nothing but good things to say (he is HARD to please!). Very well done - Thank you!

Not a Milleanial

I am Gen X but definitely identify with the millennial generation in a lot of ways. It was fun coming across this podcast and I have learned a lot. I also purchased one of the spreadsheets which has made me much more confident in my financial future. I look forward to all I will learn from Katie!

Love the career episode!

Lauren and Katie did a great job describing dream jobs and helped me feel less alone about why I feel unhappy in my career. Definitely going to proactively pursue the good enough job now!

Spending guilt

Katie is the best at taking complex financial ideas and breaking them down into real life scenarios that are easy to understand. She is so relatable, articulate & often just plain hilarious. Her Morning Brew articles are so worthwhile too. So glad I happened upon Katie!

Great Info.

Started listening to this podcast cause I had it marketed to me via Instagram. So, glad I did. Thanks Katie for marketing yourself on Instagram cause the amount of value I have received is awesome! I’ve learned and am learning so much. Appreciate the value!

Great podcast!

Down to earth financial podcast that seems directed to me age range (42). Discussing financial topics in a thoughtful, interesting and knowledgeable manner.

Great podcast

Katie is my kind of girl! I love spreadsheets. Love to save money and look for financial opportunities! Just started listening but totally going back to listen to previous episodes!

Best Financial Find

Listening to Katie is like having a conversation with a friend who will break everything down and explain it in a language that you understand.


I came across your podcast and to be honest easy to understand

Lots of thoughtful points

I’ve gone back and listened to every podcast episode. Best if you start listening in your 20s, but still relevant for older folks.

Vincent Cino

I love Katie! Her podcast is a must for anyone who has the slightest interest in making sound financial decisions. She is entertaining and makes rather complex issues we all face easily understandable. Young people should subscribe because the financial decisions they make now will have a lasting impact.

This podcast makes personal finance accessible!

It’s very hard to distill the many complicated aspects of personal finance into easy to understand, actionable advice. Katie does it really well in this podcast. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to improve their personal financial condition.

We love Money with Katie

My husband and I have been following Katie for a while now and we really enjoy her content. From her podcast, to her blog and stories, she produces fresh, different material that is interesting. Many of the financial wellness content out there is surface level and beginner material, Money with Katie’s content isn’t like that at all. Her personality makes these topics fun and interesting and she is always willing to learn something new. Keep up the good work Katie!

Enjoying Every Episode!

Discovered Katie’s podcast via MorningBrew. I most enjoy her no-nonsense, clear and direct style of communication. Perhaps this “old dog” will learn new tricks related to Financial Independence along the way. Keep up the great work!

The podcast I can’t miss

I absolutely love Katie’s fresh perspectives on everything financial. She is intelligent, insightful, and takes a critical look at systems like no one else. I look forward to her blogs and podcasts because I always learn something.

Great Podcast

I really enjoy the fresh perspective and insight from Katie. She covers a variety of topics and incorporates guest speakers to supplement the topic she is covering. This is the first financial podcast I subscribed to after one episode and am working my way back through earlier episodes. It’s worth a listen.

Smart, funny, awesome

Solid, grounded, down to earth chats about all things money. Thank you Katie! Love listening to your show.

Finally. Financial info/ideas from a normal person

This is my first review for a podcast but after going thru most of the episodes, I knew I had to leave a comment. Each issue or problem is one I can not only totally relate to but found myself lost trying to navigate. Even being someone who thinks they're pretty good with their money can learn something by understanding the multiple points of views that Katie explains without bias but in a normal conversational way. Keep it up

My Favorite Money Podcast ✨

One of my goals this year was to become more financially literate. The problem? Finding someone who cares more about leveling with you than sounding like a money guru who mansplains money in a way that goes over your head. Katie is a phenomenal and passionate money educator who provides practical tips and authentic stories to help you critically think about your money goals in a realistic way. So thankful I found this podcast!

Enjoying Every Episode!

Discovered Katie’s podcast via MorningBrew. I most enjoy her no-nonsense, clear and direct style of communication. Perhaps this “old dog” will learn new tricks related to Financial Independence along the way. Keep up the great work!

Favorite Money Podcast I’ve listened to!

Unlike many finance or $ podcasts you don’t have to start at the very first episode to have any background. So even if you know nothing about money, you can pick one and you will still learn something! I also love how relatable Katie is and how well she loops her personal stories into money education. 10/10 recommend!


This is amazing!! Organized, well-researched and easy to digest. I love it.

Sooooo helpful

This podcast is rapidly becoming one of my favorites! If you need somewhere to start, the insurance episode is SO practical and helpful, it answered questions I didn’t even know I had. Thanks Katie!

I like it!

I am really enjoying listening to this podcast. Katie is funny, smart and straight to the point.

You’re killing it Katie!

Keep going! We’re all leaning so much and I’m so grateful!

Wonderful Podcast

I enjoy Katie’s enthusiasm! Her preparation for each show is great. This show has a bright future ahead.