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Katie makes finances and wealth approachable for everyone, esp. the rich girls. She makes space for young women being successful and the breadwinner in a society still pushing to keep us small. Money with Katie empowers us to take control, be successful, and take up space in spheres typically dominated by men (all of them)

Love it

Fun finance content delivered in a way that's refreshingly approachable!

Fresh take on finance

I appreciate Katie’s fresh take on both personal finances and what’s going on at a more macro level. She’s funny, smart, and easy to listen to- one of my favorite pods!

Worth a listen

I really enjoy Katie’s knowledge on personal finance. It has made me more aware and interested in my financial choices. Thanks Katie!

Short, sweet & to the point - just how I like it!

Makes it so everyone can understand.

Accessible financial talk galore

Love love Katie’s approach to financial education. Never preachy or pie-in-the-sky, always inspirational and curious.

The highlight of my week

I love learning about finance but always feel so intimidated. Katie simplifies things and makes money seem so simple. I look forward to the weekly podcast to learning more and just feel like a rich girl!


Love how Katie explains in everyday easy to understand terms. Very knowledgeable with great energy. Katie has encouraged me to take a deeper look at my spending habits and investments. Thank you! Great podcast

The best!

I love listening to her each week! I’ve been working on my budget and expanding my financial literacy and she breaks each topic down in a way that is easy to understand and it’s fun! I love her commentary and appreciate her dedication to her listeners. Keep it up!!

Great finance podcast

I love this podcast (and I’ve listened to a LOT of finance podcasts)! I really appreciate how Katie talks about popular finance topics, but isn’t regurgitating the same opinions as everyone else. The first episode I ever listened to was the Rent vs Buy episode about houses. Since then I’ve been hooked. I especially love how it’s focused on younger women. While other podcasts are great, it’s not very applicable for me to listen to 50 year old male multimillionaires talk about finance. Katie is very in touch with finance concerns of people like me!

My Rich Girl Mentor

This podcast brings me insight to money topics I would have never given much thought to before in an insightful and inspiring way! One of my top podcasts to listen to each week!!

Rich Girl Mentality

Love all of Katie’s content - it’s delivered in an easy to digest way, even if you’re a beginner in all things investing and finance. She is direct yet approachable and as a 36 year old who is way behind on the investment game, she motivates me to start where I am without getting overwhelmed.

Perfect mix of educational, funny, and relatable!

Sometimes, you just need a deep-dive into financial topics, and Katie definitely delivers! The episodes about travel credit cards were especially helpful to me. Katie has such a refreshing approach to delivering financial content, and I love that the Rich Girl Nation is so inclusive and welcoming. We stan a queen who makes merch out of hater comments!

Highly Recommend

Katie has a graceful and tangible way of breaking finances down. Her perspective, backed by loads of research and curiosity, helps break down barriers to you working on financial wellness. My values and view of things have changed in such a positive way since listening to Money With Katie.

The best!

There are very few podcasts that keep and hold my attention. MWK is definitely an exception. I love the way Katie talks about complex financial topics in a casual and relatable way. You can tell how much research and time she puts into each episode, and the guests offer great perspective. She is well spoken and enjoyable to listen to. I have learned so much from this podcast!

Easy to jump in and start learning

I was not a routine listener of podcasts until I came across the Money with Katie show. She is honest, relatable and covers a variety of pertinent topics for building wealth. I have recommended this podcast to my family and close friends.

Katie’s Improved my Financial Literacy and Knowledge

I love listening to Money With Katie because no one really talked to me about handling and investing my money when I was younger. Listening to this podcast as a recent college grad has been really beneficial because Katie provides so much useful information regarding money in a way that I can easily understand and I don’t need to fee embarrassed to ask someone else to explain.

Worth a listen!

Katie makes a sometimes dry subject, like listening to a financial podcast seem fun! Love the energy!

Fav $ Podcast!

Katie is my fav $ podcast host & love her content! Her topics are so relatable and she is easy to understand. Keep up the good work Katie + MWK team 😊

I love MoneyWithKatie!

I’ve been following her blog for some time now and now I’m finally getting to her podcasts and they’re great! Katie has great insights into personal finance for everyone!

Thanks Katie!

Recovering D*v* R*ms*y kid, mid 20 ‘s, like amazing miss Katie, and aspiring rich girl. Freaking love learning from someone who doesn’t talk down to me or pretend there is only ONE right way to do finance. It’s “easy” listening and doesn’t make me feel stressed or insecure. Glad I found you through Instagram’s “Things I Bought and Liked.”

Relatable and fun!

I appreciate Katie for establishing a trusted place to turn for relatable (and fun, rich girl nation) content on topics that are intimidating! I downloaded her Wealth Tracker and this podcast and haven’t looked back! Thanks, Katie!

Quality thoughtful content for every walk of life

I’ve been follow Katie for over a year now and I appreciate the insightful and well thought out information she provides. She’s balanced in her thinking, offers multiple sides to every argument, and keeps things tangible for the average person. She also explores how wealth and poverty impact things from a large and granular scale. Highly recommend!

Money talk made easy AND fun!

If you’re looking for a podcast to help guide you in a direction towards financial freedom, this is it! Katie makes everything understandable and relatable for any audience! I look forward to every Wednesday to get new tips on how to best tackle the financial world. WELCOME to all the new Rich girls & boys who have found there way to this space!


I’ve been a fan since the early days, I went as far as becoming an indoor cycling instructor and maxing all of my retirement accounts as Katie has suggested over the years. I have an undergrad in Finance and a MBA and Katie DIVES into topics that make the boring school stuff appealing and achievable for all people. Give the podcast a listen, it might change your life the way it did mine.

So informative and easy to digest!

Katie takes really technical topics and explains it so clearly. She makes it so easy to understand and keeps it super interesting at the same time. This is by far my favorite financial podcast!

Katie’s the best

The way Katie approaches financial strategies and tips is so refreshingly different than anywhere else. The energy she brings and the production value keep me wanting more episodes.

Informative, not boring!

I’m new to the podcast and only listened to a few episodes so far, but I’ve learned so much already, and I’m feeling inspired. It’s informative—but, most importantly, not boring!

What’s on my mind as a Millennial #richgirl

I love the topics Katie talks about in the Money with Katie podcast - she talks and thinks about personal finance in a way that really jives with my interest and goals as a Millennial woman . She’s totally transparent about her own money journey and is funny and relatable.


My first review of a podcast ever because MWK deserves it. Her Instagram is great and her podcast is too. She gives valuable information in a way that is easy to understand and also enjoyable to listen to! UPDATE- since being acquired by morning brew, I could do without some of the cheesy sound effects