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Katie, you rock!

I am so glad I found this podcast. Never have I before found someone who 1) speaks in such a down to earth, accessible, and easy to understand way about money; and 2) is still critical of capitalism and has really helpful takes on how to consider prioritizing relationships with other humans in our life and actually live a life we enjoy instead of focusing just on getting rich. I’m obsessed with your takes on the industrial wellness complex. Keep going, Katie!!! You are smart, kind, and such a refreshing voice in this space. ❤️

Great content but music in the background is annoying

I love this podcast! The content is on point, well referenced and updated with current macro economic situations. I loved the first seasons, but the new shows are overwhelming with music all the time in the background (can’t concentrate on what is said and it sounds like a bad commercial). Other than that, love it!

I ❤️ this podcast

This is a top-quality and thoughtfully produced finance podcast with a ton of real-world applicability, actual numbers, and linked sources for us academics. It’s a must-listen.

Self-Care is unwell

Your self-care podcast was spot on. More ways for women to continue expensive, high maintenance routines we do not need.


Love hearing a young, WOMAN’s perspective on all things money and investing! Great job, Katie! Keep up the great work! 🙌🏻🥂


This podcast truly changed my life— I discovered it a couple years ago when I really wanted to start investing more seriously but wasn’t sure where to begin and felt disenchanted by the ramblings of finance bros on other podcasts. I love how MWK breaks down the basics and walks through specific, tactical explanations of complex ideas to really show the sausage of how to achieve FI or determine whether it makes sense to rent vs. buy— it’s all just math! I also appreciate her perspective and transparency as she offers real anecdotes about her own financial journey. She is whip smart and funny which makes her content fun and engaging as well. This is a must-listen!

Better every episode

This podcast has become essential listening for me. Katie curiously and open-mindedly works to understand and unpack the financial system and explore how factors outside of individual control impact personal finance. It’s so much more than just “save more” and ”earn more.” I love that Katie takes a nuanced approach to these issues.

Really appreciate the recent turn in sound design!

I’ve been listening to the podcast since before Morning Brew. The general podcast has improved a lot since morning brew got involved, with the exception of the initial goofy skits. It seems like they’re reading the feedback because the sound design and writing has improved SO much recently. They’ve stopped most of the ridiculous skits and kept to what Katie does best — hot takes on financial topics relevant to Rich Girls

Katie is blowing my mind!

Recently started listening and I feel like I’m learning so much. As someone that’s in my mid 20s and self employed I’m always concerned about money and saving for the future and Katie answers so many of my questions in a really beginner-friendly way. Sending this podcast to all my friends!

Love it

From smart investing, to savings + tax strategies, Katie covers it all. We love this podcast because it is female forward and a GREAT educational resource for anybody trying to become more well versed in the world of money

Outstanding - and she’s only how old??

Love Katie’s super smart and savvy understanding and communication of all things financial. I thought I was savvy. I know I’m twice her age - and I learn something with every blog and podcast. Making complex ideas simple to understand is such a gift. Have turned on many others to Her Wiseness. Bravo Katie. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

Speaks to my soul

From practical info and pointers to doubling down on the fact that money IS political, I love Katie’s content and look forward to each new episode. Easily someone I’d love to grab coffee with and just chat all things #RichGirls.

Great content, gimmicky interludes let it down a bit

Super informative, love the content. The overproduced silly transitions are not for me. It honestly keeps me from sharing this show with people I know because I’m embarrassed to say I listen to something with those cringy segments in the middle. I fast forward every time and get back to the real content.

Good soundtracks!

I am curious to know whether or not the intro soundtracks you have on the show is that of the 70’s show and Stranger things😃

Informative and Entertaining

I really enjoy this podcast but I think the produced transitions (i.e. robot voice) are very odd and out of place.

Best Podcast!

There are not enough good things about this podcast. Every time I listen to an episode, I grab my pen and pencil and take notes that I then share in my fam’s group chat. She has the best advice and breaks it down so that I can understand everything she’s talking about. Her wealth planner also was a huge help for my finances, it’s so easy to navigate. Highly recommend!

Highly Recommend

I’m a woman in my early 30s and never had anyone to teach me about investing. I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible and catch up for lost time, and Katie covers such a wide variety of topics and relays them in an easily digestible way. I appreciate that she covers everything from beginners content to a little more in-depth topics. I find Katie relatable and someone I enjoy listening to.

The Much Needed “Duh” Moment

Money with Katie gave me that much needed “duh” moment where I realized having a bunch of cash sitting in my bank account was hella dumb for future me. Ever since listening to the beginner episode, I’ve gotten serious about my personal finance and gone on to ask all of my friends if they are taking their personal finance seriously. As a 24 year old, I feel like this show gave me a bright financial future I would never have set myself up for all because I didn’t think about it. Katie walks through everything so clearly and level-headed that I feel confident in my understanding and decision making. She is honest about both sides of arguments and makes solid arguments. Listening to this show should be a requirement for everyone. If not, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice to future you (the drama!).

A must-listen for anyone

As a female in my 20s, Katie has been such a help for me in terms of understanding my own money and investments. This podcast is great for anyone who wants to become more financially literate! I love her transparency and well-researched episodes. I also enjoy following her on Instagram and seeing the inspiration for each episode arise.

Rich Girls All Day!

I love how accessible Katie makes finance information. She’s honest and very straightforward when it comes to analyzing things, but not in a way where she refuses to see the other side or have an honest conversation. It’s been so fun to watch her grow her #RichGirl empire and continue learning and shaping a better financial future for myself along the way. Don’t sleep on Katie Ga Ga!

Excellent female voice in this space

Thank you Katie. 👏 Katie is wise beyond her years and pontificates on all the things we all have thought about. I love how concise and well researched her episodes are. She does an excellent job. There are a few topics that I think are things that just work out with life and experience, but I completely empathize and remember having all of her thoughts and concerns and wishing I had someone else to talk to.

Katie brings me joy

Hi! Single, dog mom here. I seriously appreciate Katie. While she's on a completely different level than I am, since I only make 40k a year in the non-profit world, I don't always understand what's going on or understand the variety of concepts Katie addresses...until she addresses them. She's been beyond helpful with breaking down difficult matters, explaining them, and helping me keep a rich girl mindset. But even when she talks over my head, her passion and personality just brings joy to my heart. I love listening to her and hope this review helps encourage her to continue on, because she really is doing amazing work!

Rich Gworl Mindset

Money with Katie is my go to podcast for all things finance. I love how Katie does her research and dives deep into a topic to share that knowledge on her podcast! My absolute favorite topic she has covered so far is the U.S healthcare system (there’s so much to explain, so you have to listen to it for yourself)! She uses humor, but also thought provoking explanations and makes me think more critically about money. Thanks to Katie, I now have a Rich Gworl mindset!


My favorite part about Katie’s approach is how relatable she keeps her content for a broader audience. Drawing from her own past experiences and well- informed of others her perspective isn’t single-minded. She uses research and provides transparency. Happy to be following along!

Hooked Immediately

I started following MWK on IG because of the algorithm tbh. She popped up when I started following other finance influencers and then saw here promoting her show. I caught an episode on YT and was immediately hooked! Her detailed explanations, deep dive research and devil’s advocate takes are the best. The show flows and progresses unlike any other show I’ve listened to and her guests are always on the money (no pum intended). If you need something to convince to watch, listen, subscribe — consider this your sign! You won’t regret joining #RichGirlNation

This podcast is a breath of fresh, rich girl air!

I’ve been working in corp finance for many years and though I’m well equipped to manage our personal finances as it is, it’s never been more than a fleeting thought of, “I should probably get serious about investing if I don’t want to sell my soul to corporate America forever.” I’m finally ready to go hard on it in large part because of this podcast! Even if you have the knowledge and ability yourself, Katie’s approach and candor makes it approachable and dare I say… fun? She gives great, well structured advice and is FAR less punchable (not sorry) than the dime-a-dozen investing influencer!

This show has been a game changer for me

Katie’s show (and all of her content - s/o to the budget like a millionaire course) helped me get a grasp on my finances, set realistic goals, and actually follow through on them. I’m about to hit 1 year on the MWK protocol and have totally turned around my financial life.

Stellar advise

I love the advice and the topics covered, especially from a female perspective!

New Found Hope From Money with Katie

I have a side hustle as a florist and I started listening to this podcast at the beginning of wedding season this summer and I am a better person for it. I am a full time teacher, mom to a 2 year old and one on the way. My husband lost his job over a year ago and I have major burn out at my current job that I’m trying to work through. So we don’t have a lot of money and it has been a hard challenge for our marriage. I have never felt comfortable talking about money because I have made mistakes in the past and just don’t feel educated enough about it however listening to this podcast has really motivated me to proactively save with purpose and to be motivated by my passions outside of work more than allowing my job to be my only passion. I feel like I have benefited a lot from the “woo woo” episodes the most which has motivated me to be more financially savvy to benefit my family now and prepare for our future. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world, Katie! God bless ❤️ -Jessica McGuire

Katie rocks my socks off

I look forward to listening to the Money with Katie podcasts each week. She gives a fresh take on a variety of financial topics and it always makes me think outside the “box” financially.