July 20, 2022

Why I’m Not Buying I Bonds, the “Flight to Safety,” and Optimism

Why I’m Not Buying I Bonds, the “Flight to Safety,” and Optimism

Plus, who *might* want to buy some.

Something I had never even heard of a year ago has been front and center in the financial news for the last few months: I Bonds.

But I suppose it makes sense: Nothing tempts those seeking performance and those seeking safety alike quite like a guaranteed nominal 9.62% rate of return, right?

But I fear they’re a distraction for young investors (and don’t worry, we address who they might make sense for in the episode). Plus, I invited Alan Ebright of Hodges Private Client—a wealth management firm in Dallas with $1B+ assets under management—on the show this week to talk about investor psychology and the self-defeating flight to safety. 

*Any information shared is not tax or legal advice, and is purely for informational purposes.

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