July 27, 2022

Wedding Confessions: Budget, Who Paid, and Biggest Learnings

Wedding Confessions: Budget, Who Paid, and Biggest Learnings

A look into the wedding industrial complex.

Ah, the long-awaited deep dive is finally here! As someone who got married in a courthouse and in a big, traditional ceremony (to the same person, don’t worry), I feel I’m now qualified to do a thorough compare-and-contrast analysis of the two—and share the granular details of how much our ceremony cost.

I’m diving into the budget ($25,000), the actual spend (...a lot more than $25,000), who paid, the things that shocked me, and the stuff I thought was worthwhile. I also do a deep-dive into the Wedding Industrial Complex with our guest, Anna Braff, founder of the award-winning vendor service Provenance Rentals.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing any sort of deep dive about my nuptials—but ultimately decided it was incredibly off-brand not to talk about one of the largest expenses a young couple faces.

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