May 11, 2022

The Myth of the "Dream Job" and Expanding Your Earning Potential

The Myth of the

How to avoid career expectation hangovers.

Lauren from Career Contessa joins me this week for a revelatory conversation about the myth of the elusive “dream job.” Ironically, it took getting my dream job to realize it’s…still a job. Wait a second, why does this still feel like work sometimes?

So why does acknowledging this myth and moving past it matter? Because the illusion that there’s a “dream job” out there for you (the career version of a soulmate) leads to both expectation hangovers and disappointment when—surprise!—even a job you really like comes with downsides. This episode is an exploration of the idea that maybe the grass isn’t always greener, and the things that make a job “good” are often overlooked in our misguided pursuit of a job that elicits “passion.”

That said, we also discuss the importance of liking what you do (to a healthy extent) and the positive financial outcomes that enjoying your work can bring.