Nov. 23, 2022

My Income Journey: From <$20,000 to Nearly $400,000 in 5 Years

My Income Journey: From <$20,000 to Nearly $400,000 in 5 Years

A mix of full-time, side hustles, and contract work.

I have been—by all accounts—incredibly fortunate in my career thus far, but there are a few distinct takeaways I notice when I reflect on the last five years.

Since I went to a public state university and studied communications (not exactly a field with investment banking-level compensation), I figured I’d be a median earner forever.

Discovering the art of the side hustle (and freelancing, contract work, and online businesses) sent me down a meandering path of trial and error that I’m recounting on the show today. 

When I started working, I earned $12/hour, which transitioned later to a full-time salary of $52,000. By 2021, as a 26-year-old with no advanced degree, my total cobbled-together income encroached on $400,000.

Looking back on it, I realize: The rules are fake. You don’t need to study finance or medicine at Harvard to make good money (though to be fair, I’m sure those things make it a lot easier). Regardless, it’s my hope that something in this episode will spark something useful for you.

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