June 15, 2022

Money Mindset: How the Victim vs. Victor Dynamic Shapes our Financial Outcomes

Money Mindset: How the Victim vs. Victor Dynamic Shapes our Financial Outcomes

Why a sense of "control" is key for our futures.

One of the single-most impactful determinants of our outcomes in life is our self-concept: Our identity. Whether we see ourselves as the victims of circumstance or victors over our challenges. It plays out in everything from miscommunications at work to compensation conversations.

The victim mindset tells you that you're not in control of your outcomes, while the victor's mindset acknowledges that—while life isn't fair—you have some control over your outcomes and are capable of overcoming the challenges you're presented with. At the crux of it all is a sense of control.

Sometimes, we ascribe to a victim mindset and undermine our own resilience, capacity, and control—and stand in our own way in the process. Making the conversation more complicated? The reality of victimization and privilege.

My guest today, Dominick Quartuccio, gives us a three-step framework to rewire these negative thought patterns, design a future we can "live into," and regain control over our lives and finances.


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