Oct. 26, 2022

How to Construct a Diversified Stock Portfolio of Major Index Funds

How to Construct a Diversified Stock Portfolio of Major Index Funds

And some free tools to level up your portfolio.

I’m not an investment professional or licensed financial advisor, but I do have access to free products and portfolios built by licensed investment professionals—and so do you! The perks of living in 2022, right?

This week, we’re breaking down a few big investing topics:

  • the relationship between risk and returns
  • diversification beyond the S&P 500 (and why it’s something you may want to consider, considering it involves securities that aren’t down 25% YTD)
  • the (free) tools you can use to level up your portfolio

I also sat down for a conversation with Trey Lockerbie of The Investor’s Podcast Network (https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/) to talk about all things “value investing,” Warren Buffett, and why Trey can’t help himself from investing in individual stocks.

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Episode transcripts can be found at https://www.podpage.com/money-with-katie-show/.

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