May 25, 2022

Buying Small Businesses: Is Investing in One Worth It?

Buying Small Businesses: Is Investing in One Worth It?

Cash-flowing assets are your friend.

A couple months ago, I got really anxious about income. 

Aside from ~lite paranoia~ being one of the core tenets of my personality, my concern was (probably) justified. Rumblings of a recession on the horizon, #stonks going down, and the fact that Money with Katie was my sole source of income started to make me feel a little…vulnerable.

So I started looking into alternative investments. While I deeply considered real estate and passed for the time being, I discovered an amazing world of online content around buying small businesses and began my pursuit.

This episode dives into where I looked, what I found, the two businesses I almost bought, and why I didn’t pull the trigger. Plus, two interviews: One with Sarah Becker, a friend of mine who bought a dilapidated commercial property in her neighborhood when she was 24, and another with Steffany Boldrini, a successful investor in the self-storage space.

Sarah's new course, Independent Retirement Academy, launched on May 23. Listeners of Money with Katie get $50 off with code MWK50.

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