Oct. 12, 2022

Bootstrapping #Fail: Why the American “Solution” to Systemic Problems Keeps Falling Short

Bootstrapping #Fail: Why the American “Solution” to Systemic Problems Keeps Falling Short

Plus, an interview with the legendary Rebecca Walker.

This week’s episode holds two complex truths simultaneously: That sometimes, the answer is working harder, and other times, the answer is policy, interdependence, and community. Sure, individual responsibility is important—but when we try to solve complex, collective problems with individual exceptionalism, we create a recipe wherein quality of life for all but a select few worsens over time. 

Our individual wealth accumulation and experience of personal finance do not exist in a vacuum—they exist within the context of the economic policy decisions and cultural norms of our time. 

You can work on your metaphoric swimming and freestyle upstream for as long as you’ve got the energy to do so, but the strength of the current is outside of your control. Usually, we talk about your swimming. Today, we’re talking about the current.

Plus, this episode features an interview with Rebecca Walker, activist and author of Women Talk Money (https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Women-Talk-Money/Rebecca-Walker/9781501154324). Get ready!

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